I just want to know, when should you listen to other people and when should you listen to your inner self. I mean in business you should have consultants, but how do they know what’s best. I mean you got there in the first place, so how are they useful. Two minds are better than one I know but, If you got yourself to such a high position why bother with help from someone who is only there because you hired them.  I mean do you want information from someone who was taught to work for someone else.  Yeah, it may be there specialty ,but i mean really when are they going to use their own consulting to transform their own life from working under someone to working for themselves.  I mean you think a consultant would know that.  On the other hand they may say something you haven’t thought of, but then they are giving away their money idea to you, so they get ripped of. I don’t want a consultant unless they have succeeded in their own life first and are volunteering to help me because they want to help a friend. Otherwise how useful can they be.  A great consultant is one that has been their and is still there, not one that is of lesser standing in society but one of equal or more.  Was Alexander the Great such a good military leader because he listen to his consultants or because he listened to himself, I personally think he listened to himself because if he had listened to others he would only be as good as them and he would not have conquered the known world. Or was their another just as successful as him giving him the right pointers. Anyways, that’s what I think about that.


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