Your brain has so much knowledge, that you would be surprised if you could see it all. Well It’s possible and it is not that hard. It just takes effort to unleash the forces of your knowledge into the world, and a passion that will not fail.  Just write down all the actual knowledge you do know about what you desire to become and it will amaze you.  When you have a desire it is like your brain is working at full capacity to achieve it. So why does anyone work 9-5 for the boss, when you’ve shown that with that work you can achieve your own desires. I’m not saying i’ve achieved full brain power, but I can imagine it so I believe it is possible.  Just imagine a person doing what they love, as opposed to not. They work because they want to so they are not totally stressed out, which would make the brain confused.  I mean does anyone feel like they have so much locked inside of them that if they used it….. if you get an idea that you think is genius work on it don’t let it go even if it sounds crazy when you say it aloud.  You may have found an idea that will change you and other people you don’t even know forever. I mean people got rich of a stupid invention called the “slingy” why not your idea or invention.  Why should you ever limit yourself to what other people say about you when you know you are smart, sometimes you have idiosyncrasies but oh well.  My point is one I couldn’t even begin to explain. Expand your mind if not your consciousness and reach however far you want to.


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