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Your brain has so much knowledge, that you would be surprised if you could see it all. Well It’s possible and it is not that hard. It just takes effort to unleash the forces of your knowledge into the world, and a passion that will not fail.  Just write down all the actual knowledge you do know about what you desire to become and it will amaze you.  When you have a desire it is like your brain is working at full capacity to achieve it. So why does anyone work 9-5 for the boss, when you’ve shown that with that work you can achieve your own desires. I’m not saying i’ve achieved full brain power, but I can imagine it so I believe it is possible.  Just imagine a person doing what they love, as opposed to not. They work because they want to so they are not totally stressed out, which would make the brain confused.  I mean does anyone feel like they have so much locked inside of them that if they used it….. if you get an idea that you think is genius work on it don’t let it go even if it sounds crazy when you say it aloud.  You may have found an idea that will change you and other people you don’t even know forever. I mean people got rich of a stupid invention called the “slingy” why not your idea or invention.  Why should you ever limit yourself to what other people say about you when you know you are smart, sometimes you have idiosyncrasies but oh well.  My point is one I couldn’t even begin to explain. Expand your mind if not your consciousness and reach however far you want to.



I just want to know, when should you listen to other people and when should you listen to your inner self. I mean in business you should have consultants, but how do they know what’s best. I mean you got there in the first place, so how are they useful. Two minds are better than one I know but, If you got yourself to such a high position why bother with help from someone who is only there because you hired them.  I mean do you want information from someone who was taught to work for someone else.  Yeah, it may be there specialty ,but i mean really when are they going to use their own consulting to transform their own life from working under someone to working for themselves.  I mean you think a consultant would know that.  On the other hand they may say something you haven’t thought of, but then they are giving away their money idea to you, so they get ripped of. I don’t want a consultant unless they have succeeded in their own life first and are volunteering to help me because they want to help a friend. Otherwise how useful can they be.  A great consultant is one that has been their and is still there, not one that is of lesser standing in society but one of equal or more.  Was Alexander the Great such a good military leader because he listen to his consultants or because he listened to himself, I personally think he listened to himself because if he had listened to others he would only be as good as them and he would not have conquered the known world. Or was their another just as successful as him giving him the right pointers. Anyways, that’s what I think about that.

From what I understand of my years of research into the minds of those who get things done, first of all you have to follow a set of rules, already created before man ever existed in the universe.


First of all is the law of Vibration: how this relates to your life is simple: you have to know that energy resonates at various frequencies and that you have to come into resonance with the frequencies (desires) that you want in life. Such as being healthy: e.g.( the food you eat, the healthiest water you can drink, the good habits over the bad, and rest as related to work.)  All these things you can do to be healthy, and all the items included to accomplish it vibrate at there own frequencies and it is best to get in tune with these frequencies for overall good health.


The Law of Relativity: Relating a situation to another one to come up with a conclusion,such as if your having a bad day, imagine how your feelings effect those around you and those you love.  If you do that you may want to change you belief that it is a bad day to affect those around you in a positive way.  Besides if you think you are having a bad day than things can only get worse because your mind is set.


The law of cause and effect: If you smoke, you have a better chance of getting cancer, if you stare at someone to long they’ll judge you on it forever.  This Law has alot of power attached to it because whatever you do no matter how small will have a (butterfly effect) and will change the course of history forever. So before you think your weak or useless ,think that whatever you do will decide the future of the human race ( whether you stay in the shadows or rise above the rest, it is amazing how it is totally up to you, and whatever you do can effect major issues whether your aware of it or not). That is to explain it as short as I can.


The law of Polarity: It is as if a pendulum swings back and forth all the time. Everything in the universe has a equal opposite that is really the same thing,but a different degree. Such as hot and cold, both may seem different but they are temperatures of the same thing, a degree. light and dark may seem different but that is only in there degree, darkness can be thought of as, as little light as possible. an example of how this applies is when you love someone and hate another,  they are the same thing, an idea that is set in motion by something that you think about the person, nothing more.


The law of Rhythm:  As in a cycle, like the waves moving back and forth, or the sun rising and setting, or even the stars living, then dieing to create more stars. How this can apply is when you feel you are in a bad rhythm(cycle) break free and get into a cycle that will make your desires come into fruition, like smoking for instance: you want to be healthy but, you feel you can’t quit, you are obviously in a cycle that keeps you a smoker,  do everything to change the cycle of smoking and keep doing it until  it becomes your rhythm(like the rising and setting of the Sun).


The law of Gestation: Every idea or goal you have takes time to manifest, just like when you want to be a doctor but, first you have to learn how.  It will manifest at the time it is preordained to manifest based on your decisions.  Eveyone has dealed with situations like this and they can be hard but keep being enthusiatic and patient and you will feel better even before you achieve what you desire(it may not be easy,but man is it worth the wait).


The law of Transmutation: is important to manifest your desires, because if you focus on something you want and nothing else, the energy you put forth to accomplish it will pay off, maybe not in the way you expect it to.  I think its like your desires are getting pressurized like in an air tank and they are just waiting to explode and give you everything you ask for( but this can take time) all the overnight successes were actually long time coming for the people you stood for there dreams and never gave up.


The law of Correspondence: The physical plane as we call it is not the only place to draw resources from. Whether the Mind is part of the brain I am still speculating but, it is a very powerful tool and can be thought of as a plane of it’s own. The mental plane is at a higher level than the physical plane, proof being that a person can labour there whole life’s and come up empty ,but if they use their minds they can exponentially increase there gain, a very powerful tool in the hands of someone who knows how to use it. In my opinion the most powerful plane is by far the spiritual plane, because it is responsible for our emotions and without emotions life would be dull and you wouldn’t really feel like you ever accomplished anything or be happy when you meet the love of your life, but don’t forget it also makes a promise of eternal life all on it’s own, which is beyond my comprehension thus far.

Anyways, these things I think are important in achieving great goals you have in mind but, remember do challange yourself ( at something you think you can accomplish, maybe not flying like superman just yet although that can be a great analogy to explain how you feel when you get there). but if you fail, think of it as a lesson to learn, and learn it. It takes many failures to bring about success. Oh, and strive for perfection, who cares if others think it impossible it is still a worth while ideal.